Who Has the Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery – And What Can You Learn From Them

Who Has the Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery - And What Can You Learn From Them
Who Has the Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery - And What Can You Learn From Them


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Celebrities like us to think that they look so great naturally, and some of them even undergo major changes of their appearances, yet still deny going under the knife or the needle. But we know better, don’t we? 

So in this post I’m going to tell you who I think has the best plastic surgery in Hollywood and what you can learn from it. 

My name is Doctor Anthony Youn. I’ve known as America holistic plastic surgeon I help health conscious men and women look their best by teaching them a holistic approach to beauty. And today I’m going to go over my top. 

Top 5 celebrity plastic surgeries. 

Now, some of these celebrities have admitted going under the knife, but others of them have not, and you may be surprised at who is on this list. So let’s get started. 

I need to start by telling you that these are my opinions only. I have not operated on any of these celebrities, but I do have quite a trained eye and I feel pretty strongly that my opinions are probably pretty darn accurate. 

#5 Ariana Grande

So #5 on my list is Ariana Grande. Most people don’t think she’s undergone. 

Yes. Any plastic surgery but take a look at this photo from her when she was quite a bit younger to this photo of her more recent. 


And you can see that her nose looks quite a bit different. Her nose looks thinner. It looks a little bit shorter and definitely more refined. 

Now, some people may think. Well, maybe it’s just because she’s gotten older and her nose has matured. As she’s aged. That’s definitely possible, but I don’t know. To me it looks like it may have been. 

The transformation of Ariana Grande

Done, now I need to emphasize that I think her nose looks amazing and she is an absolute major beauty and talent. So great job. My #5 top celebrity plastic surgery. 

#4 Taylor Swift

My #4 top celebrity plastic surgery is Taylor Swift. Now I don’t think she’s had anything done to her face, but I do think she may have undergone a fairly recent breast augmentation. 

Taylor Swift before and after

If you take a look at this picture, she looks like a beak up, and I do believe that earlier in her career she was closer to an. 


Hey so I think fairly recently she underwent a pretty subtle breast augmentation. It fits her frame perfectly and I think she looks fantastic. 

#3 Madonna

My #3 top plastic surgery for celebrities is Madonna now. I believe that Madonna has had at least one facelift, maybe two and there are a couple of signs of this. 

The first thing is that she has a very sharp neckline. You can take a look in her photos and it’s pretty obvious that she’s got a sharp. 

Neckline as she did when she was much younger. 

Madonna before and after

And this is often the sign of a good facelift. If you see anybody who’s over about 55, whether a man or a woman and they’ve got a perfectly sharp neckline in jawline, there’s a pretty good chance that that person has had some help from a plastic surgeon. Another sign that I think she’s had some plastic surgery on her face. 

Is that she has a very soft face. I think that she’s had injections of fillers. When you take a look at the rest of Madonna body she is rock hard. There is no fat on her. 

Well, that should be the case with their face as well, but when you look at her face, her face is quite soft and it’s even a little bit plump and to me this is not all that natural when the rest of her body is so lean now I don’t think she has had injections of fat interface because that too would disappear with the rest of the fat on her body. 

With as lean as she is, so I think she’s probably had some injection of. 


Color, whether sculptra or maybe a Juvederm, voluma or Rust d’alene. I can’t tell you exactly which one, but I bet betcha that she’s had some filler injected into her face to give her the soft look. 

I would have to give a runner up for facelift to a person that may surprise you and that is Helen Mirren 

Now Helen Mirren, nobody really accuses her of having plastic surgery, and she looks incredible and a lot of people think that she looks this good just naturally. 

But I don’t think so. She looks too good for her age and I bet sometime in the fairly distant past and I’m talking at least 10 to 15 years ago, she may have undergone. 

A facelift as well. 

#2 Ryan Seacrest

My #2 top celebrity plastic surgery is a guy Ryan Seacrest. Now I believe that Ryan Seacrest has had a nose job and if you take a peek at this picture of him, he’s got a very straight, perfect knows. Now I have seen photos of him from when he was younger and unfortunately I don’t have them. 

To show you here, but the photos from younger Shodan knows that was a little more crooked in a little bit. 

Friend, so I believe that he has had a nose job in the distant past before he got on American Idol. 

Ryan Seacrest after plastic surgery

And I’ll tell you, nose jobs are the most common Hollywood plastic surgery in my opinion. I would bet that at least half of these celebrities that you see on TV and in movies have had their nose done. And I do think that. 

Ryan has had 1/2 and it looks fantastic. He’s a great looking guy and I would give him a big thumbs up to him and his plastic surgeon. 

#1 Kylie Jenner

 And the person who I believe has the best celebrity plastic surgery is Kylie Jenner. Now Kylie Jenner not that long ago admitted to having her lips injected with filler. 

Some people may think her lips look a bit too big. It’s a little bit big for my taste, but you can’t argue that when you look at. 

Pictures of her from when she was younger, like this one. 


Two now like this one. She looks incredible. Now some may argue that her lips maybe a bit overdone, and that really depends on people tastes, but you can’t argue with what this has done for her in her career. You probably know that Kylie Jenner is a billionaire, and getting her lips done. Kylie Jenner before and after

I do think helped set her on that path so I would name her the number one celebrity plastic surgery.


Source: Dr. Anthony Youn

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