18 famous women who have never had plastic surgery?

18 celebrities women who have never had plastic surgery?

18 Famous Women Who Have Never Had Plastic Surgery
18 Famous Women Who Have Never Had Plastic Surgery


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Nowadays it’s pretty common to see celebrities going under the knife to keep their natural beauty. But there are still plenty of mature models and actresses who choose to say “no” to plastic  surgery and age gracefully and beautifully.

Here are just a few of them.

1. Isabella Rossellini

Apart from being an exceptionally famous and loved actress model and philanthropist, Isabella Rossellini is also a gorgeous woman. In one of her interviews, Isabella Rossellini confessed that she’s never had cosmetic surgery because she’s simply afraid of it!

Instead she treats her skin with a good facial cream and her body with a plethora of organic foods, well whatever she’s doing definitely works.

Isabella Rossellini Plastic Surgery
Isabella Rossellini at 34, 38 and 63 years old

At 63 years old (2015) Rosellini became a new face for the popular cosmetics house Lancome proving once again that you can look stunning at any age.

Isabella Rossellini is now 68 years old (2020)

2. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone has always been undeniably beautiful from her early work as a model to her fantastic roles as an actress.

But how has she managed to keep her youthful look through all these years?

Well one thing’s for sure plastic surgery is definitely not it.

Did Sharon Stone Have Plastic Surgery
Sharon Stone at 33, 49 and 59 years old

In one of her interviews, Stone said that she doesn’t feel that it’s right to distort yourself with facelifts and other procedures.

So she prefers to keep it natural and get this, she uses affordable drugstore face creams and essential oil blends good to know.

Sharon Stone is now 62 years old (2020)

3. Brooke Shields

Even at 53 years old, Brooke Shields continues to be a beauty icon. And even though Shields tried Botox in the past, she openly admitted that she wasn’t a big fan of the final result.

In her interview with Ladies Home Journal, Shield said that she may try something with a light touch like laser treatment, but she’s not really into the idea of turning to a surgeon because she’s scared that she’ll end up looking like the Joker.

Brooke Shields Plastic surgery
Brooke Shields at 21, 46 and 53 years old

Well it’s not like she needs plastic surgery anyway her natural beauty is still shining bright.

Brooke Shields is now 55 years old (2020)

4. Salma Hayek

The incredibly enigmatic actress from Frida and from dusk till dawn is certainly one of the most undeniable examples of aging like a fine wine.

Hayek is now 54 years old and she looks as amazing as ever. And no plastic surgery involved.

Salma Hayek never had plastic surgery
Salma Hayek at 32, 42 and 54 years old

In her interview for a lure magazine, Hayek said that she personally isn’t a fan of the plastic surgery look and has never had anything done to her face, props to this great actress for keeping it real.

5. Jodie Foster

Another gorgeous and gifted actress, Jodie Foster has a strong opinion about plastic surgery as well, and it’s definitely not a positive one.

She expressed her feelings in an interview for People magazine saying that she’d much rather have somebody go wow that girl has a bad nose than wow that girl has a bad nose job.

Foster prefers to keep it natural and isn’t afraid of wrinkles and other things that come with aging good for her.

Jodie Foster Never Had Plastic Surgery
Jodie Foster at 27, 45 and 58 years old

Jodie Foster is now 58 years old (2020)

6. Andie MacDowell

During her interview for Jen Lux magazine, star of Groundhog Day and for weddings in a funeral Andie MacDowell admitted that she hasn’t had plastic surgery done because she’s perfectly fine with where she is. But this doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own little secrets.

She tries to add one hour of aerobic exercises into her schedule every day to keep her body healthy and she uses essential oils and natural scrubs to treat her skin, no wonder she looks fantastic.

Andie MacDowell Never Had Plastic Surgery
Andie MacDowell at 35, 43 and 62 years old

Andie MacDowell is now 62 years old (2020)

7. Emma Thompson

If all the celebs I talked about before simply don’t choose plastic surgery as an option, charismatic and talented Emma Thompson is strongly against it.

Emma Thompson Never Had Plastic Surgery
Emma Thompson at 34, 50 and 60 years old

She even founded the British anti cosmetic surgery league with two other equally amazing actresses Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz.

During her interview with Hello magazine, Thompson called plastic surgery mad and added that she doesn’t recommend it to anyone.

Emma Thompson is now 61 years old (2020)

8. Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver, who you certainly remember from her roles in alien and ghostbusters also chooses a natural aging process over nips and tucks.

In one of her interviews, Weaver said that she likes aging and never notices age in people’s faces.

Well in the case of this outstanding actress, it’s definitely true her natural radiance and charm are only getting stronger.

Sigourney Weaver Never Had Plastic Surgery
Sigourney Weaver 44, 60 and 70 years old

9. Lauren Hutton

Incredibly popular and talented 70s top model Lauren Hutton isn’t in a rush to get plastic surgery.

On the contrary, she’s proud of her wrinkles!

When she sat down with the Telegraph Hutton said her wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life, they’re what we’ve been through and who we want to be.

Lauren Hutton Never Had Plastic Surgery
Lauren Hutton at 31, 54 and 74 years old

And this wise philosophy together with regular use of coconut oil which she’s made a part of her skincare routine since she was 22 by the way are surely working for Hutton.

At 74 she definitely doesn’t look her age.

10. Halle Berry

Halle Berry, who’s well known for her roles in Catwoman monsters ball and tons of other projects is another advocate for aging naturally.

In her interview with Yahoo Beauty, she opened up about the pressure of getting plastic surgery in Hollywood but admitted that she’s never done it.

Herself instead, she takes good care of her skin and works out regularly sharing pictures of her training sessions on Instagram.

Halle Berry Nerver Had Plastic Surgery
Halle Berry at 20, 40 and 54 years old

11. Michelle Obama

The former First Lady of the U.S is also among the ranks of people who prefer to age naturally and gracefully. However that could change in the future.

During her interview with People magazine, Obama said that right now she can’t imagine herself going in this direction, but added that she’s learned to Never Say Never.

Michelle Obama Nerver Had Plastic Surgery
Michelle Obama at 21, 45 and 56 years old

Still there’s very little chance that the former first lady will even need it because she looks just as fantastic as ever.

12. Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is definitely one of the most recognizable models to have ever entered the fashion industry.

And while some supermodels choose to keep their look fresh with a bit of plastic surgery Crawford prefers the natural path taking good care of her skin and working out regularly.

Cindy Crawford Nerver Had Plastic Surgery
Cindy Crawford at 29, 42 and 54 years old

Her ultimate secrets are microdermabrasion masks good sunscreen and a daily dose of moisturizing products.

13. Meryl Streep

Three-time Oscar winner and one of the most talented actresses of all time.

Meryl Streep believes that we all have to embrace the fact that we’re getting older.

When she sat down for an interview with Good Housekeeping she admitted that she simply doesn’t get the whole plastic surgery thing.

Well looking at the 69 year old Beauty one thing’s clear she’s certainly one of those rare types who only get better with age.

Meryl Streep Nerver Had Plastic Surgery
Meryl Streep at 27, 56 and 69 years old

14. Sissy Spacek

Classically beautiful Sissy Spacek who we all know and love for her role in career.

Claims that she herself has never turned to plastic surgery.

However speaking with Oprah, she mentioned that she doesn’t mind photo airbrushing and retouching which is pretty common practice in magazines.

Other than that Spacek is perfectly content with her appearance and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be she looks just as beautiful as she did 40 years ago.

Sissy Spacek Nerver Had Plastic Surgery
Sissy Spacek at 27, 67 and 71 years old

15. Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau has always stayed true to herself and never really changed her looks dramatically.

And apparently she sticks to the same approach when it comes to plastic surgery – standing by her natural beauty.

She’s now in her 50s and judging by her looks, keeping it real was the right decision after all. I mean, just look at her!

Sophie Marceau Nerver Had Plastic Surgery
Sophie Marceau at 33, 43 and 53 years old

I mean just look at her the French actress still uses unique femininity intelligence and elegance.

16. Isabelle Huppert

Speaking of French beauties, Isabelle Huppert is another example of ageing gracefully and tastefully.

During her interview with The Guardian, she said that “aging doesn’t concern her”, since “it’s other people’s problem and not hers.” Her secret to looking great is a good skin care regimen, high-quality makeup, elegant outerwear, plenty of sleep and confidence. After all when you feel good you look good too right.

Isabelle Huppert Never Had Plastic Surgery
Isabelle Huppert at 45, 55 and 65 years old

17. Juliette Binoche

The French must be on to something because actress Juliette Binoche is also draw shopping with gorgeous.

She says that while plastic surgery is huge in America, women in France prefer to take care of themselves to keep their natural beauty in check rather than go under the knife.

Juliette Binoche Never Had Plastic Surgery
Juliette Binoche at 21, 45 and 56 years old

Binoche’s main tip for looking good at any age is simple to drink more water, this ultimate beauty secret will never get old.

18. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore has always been a beautiful and charismatic woman and actress. And aging doesn’t worry her at all.

During one of her interviews, Moore said that she doesn’t really care about getting older and wants to let things take their natural course despite all the pressure that’s put on women in the industry.

Julianne Moore Never Had Plastic Surgery
Julianne Moore at 34, 49 and 60 years old

She takes care of herself by doing yoga and cardio and it certainly works as Moore continues to be one of the most beautiful women on the big screen.


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