Cosmetic Surgery Disaster: Woman Dubbed ‘Cement Face’ Given New Lease Of Life

Cosmetic Surgery Disaster: Woman Dubbed ‘Cement Face’ Given New Lease Of Life
Cosmetic Surgery Disaster: Woman Dubbed ‘Cement Face’ Given New Lease Of Life
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A BLACK-MARKET surgery victim too ashamed to date because of her ‘cement face’ has undergone a dramatic transformation – and is now fighting off up to 75 men a MONTH. Rajee Narinesingh, 46, was left looking like a ‘monster’ after a fake doctor injected a ‘concrete-like’ filler into her cheeks, lips, breasts and buttocks. But thanks to a kind-hearted doctor, her previously ‘hard-as-rock’ face is much improved and she is now swamped by admirers. It comes as Oneal Ron Morris – the fake doctor who operated on Rajee – was jailed for 366 days in January, after admitting one count of practicing healthcare without a licence. Rajee, who was born a man, has monthly softening injections and laser therapy with Dr John Martin of Coral Gables Cosmetic Reconstructive Surgery, Miami, Florida.

RAJEE: I felt like a monster, I really did. A sideshow circus clown.
COMM: She was one of the world’s most infamous victims of black market surgery.
COMM: 46-year-old Rajee Narinesingh’s nightmare began when a fake doctor pumped her body with a devastating toxic filler.

Rajee Narinesingh (2005)

RAJEE: I got injections in my face, my breasts, and my hips and my buttocks.

COMM: But now thanks to a kind hearted surgeon the transgender activist is now rebuilding her life, and even looking for love. As a female born in a male’s body, Rajee was already taking hormones and living as a lady when she decided to take things a step further.

RAJEE: I didn’t want to look like a man in a dress, to be blunt, if you really wanna truly live as a woman, you need to do some sort of body and facial reconstruction. That’s when I made the choice to go get injections done. We call it in our community pumping.

COMM: In 2005 she turned to the now infamous backstreet surgeon Oneal Ron Morris, known as The Duchess, spending three thousand dollars on injections. Morris herself a transgender woman, was known in the Miami community for providing cheap alternatives to plastic surgery.

Oneal Ron Morris
Oneal Ron Morris

RAJEE: There, that’s the apartment right there.

COMM: Today Rajee is facing her demons by returning to the apartment where her life changed forever.

the apartment where Rajee life changed forever

RAJEE: Here is where I came to get um the injections. Initially I was fine but uh… then the nightmare started.

COMM: Morris has since been jailed for carrying out another botched operation without a licence.

RAJEE: My message to anyone that would consider doing what I did is not to do it. Don’t do it., because you could die from it or you could end up like me, disfigured.

COMM: Rajee was too ashamed to seek help and hardly left home, until a friend referred her to Dr. John Martin.

Dr John Martin from John J.Martin, M.D Plastic Surgery
Dr John Martin (John J.Martin, M.D Plastic Surgery)

DOCTOR: Just have you lying down here and we’ll get started.

DOCTOR: It was really by far the worst case of a bad injection that I’d ever seen. We’re not exactly sure what was injected into Rajee’s face. Even trying to get it out you just sort of chopped away at it like you were chopping at concrete.

COMM: Dr. Martin sees Rajee once a month, and is gradually repairing the damage, with softening injections, and ultrasound and laser therapy.

DOCTOR: Wow, this one’s gone away completely.

RAJEE: I know.

DOCTOR: It’s amazing that this has just totally disappeared.
DOCTOR: The future’s looking much more positive for her face, what I worry about more is the inflammation in the rest of her body, both in her breasts and her buttocks where she has had really large volumes of substance injected.
DOCTOR: It’s a long process but we’re getting there. RAJEE: And then I’ll be able to say I’m naturally beauty right?

COMM: Thanks to the improvements Rajee Is once again enjoying here life, and even going on dates.

RAJEE: I consider myself somewhat of a cougar.
I do tend to like younger men. This guy did say I reminded him of a sexy dragon, I didn’t know whether to kiss him or slap him!

COMM: Now after years of suffering, things are finally on the up for Rajee. And although she may never truly recover from her nightmare surgery. She’s ready to enjoy life and love once again.

RAJEE: In order for me to truly move on and do some wonderful things with my life, I have to be able to forgive, and I have to be able to move on. I believe that.

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